Premium Personalized Custom Label Cigars are perfect for weddings, births, golf, corporate promotional items, or any other special occasion!
Victory Cigars offers Premium Custom Label Cigars at wholesale prices. Great for corporate gifts, weddings, sporting events, holidays, and more! Receive a Free cutter with every premium custom label cigar order!
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Premium Personalized Custom Label Cigars are perfect for weddings, births, golf, corporate promotional items, or any other special occasion!
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Victory Cigars

By Amanda Leigh
World Class Weddings Magazine

In recent years cigar smoking has regained its place as a necessary accompaniment to socializing, carousing, and of course celebrating; and taking their place right beside it is the Seattle based company, Victory Cigars. Opened in 1997, Victory Cigars has quickly become the premier source for custom labeled, hand made cigars. And what better way for the groom to celebrate his big day than to share a premium private label cigar in style with his closest friends? Victory Cigars is able to personalize your order by reproducing most any picture, slogan, or emblem with their custom labeling, and delivers each order of 25 in a Spanish cedar cigar box.

Produced in the Dominican Republic, Victory Cigars strives for distinction and excellence in the marketplace, and have successfully achieved it with a product that has been perfected with Victory in mind. This special blend of "Cubano Piloto in both Lijero and Seco as well as Olor Dominicano used as the filler...incorporated with a Dominican binder."

So what does this mean to the novice cigar smoker? It means a smoking experience that is described as having "a solid, thick flavor; the aftertaste is creamy and spicy and doesn't fade too quickly. It's a bit dry yet sweet...and the aroma lets you know that you are enjoying a premium cigar." These cigars tend to burn evenly, and the draw is always perfect; making it enjoyable for connoisseurs and beginners alike.

Although celebrating important occasions with Victory Cigars may make you look like a seasoned cigar veteran, here are some tips (courtesy of Victory Cigars) to make you act like one:

Cutting - Hold the cigar at eye level to ensure that you are cutting in a straight line. Place the head of the cigar into the cutter, taking care not to cut into the shoulder (where the cap meets the body of the cigar), as this will cause the cigar to unravel. Use constant quick pressure to cut off the end withough crushing the cigar.

Lighting - To light your cigar you need the correct lighter. Some cigar buffs use cedar strips, called spills, but most people use matches or a lighter. If you prefer a lighter be sure to use butane so as not to affect the cigar's taste. When you are ready to light your cigar, be sure that the flame does not touch the cigar. Direct contact with the flame can flavor the cigar with residue from the match or lighter. Instead, hold the cigar above the flame and rotate it slightly to char the foot. Then, place the cigar in your mouth and continue to light as you rotate the cigar, gently puffing every few seconds.

Once the cigar is lit, remove it from your mouth and check the foot to make sure it is burning evenly. If it isn't, blow gently on the foot to ignite the tobacco which is not burning.

Smoking - If your cigar starts to burn hot while smoking, gently blow through it to blow out all of the smoke. Then, simply set the cigar down for a minute, wait, then smoke as usual. If one area is burning faster than others, simply wet your finger and apply it beneath the quick burning area to slow it down.

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