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Premium Personalized Custom Label Cigars are perfect for weddings, births, golf, corporate promotional items, or any other special occasion!
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Victory Cigar: Custom Labeling Company Claims Victory in Marketplace

Connections Magazine
March/April 1999 Edition

Victory Cigar provides companies and organizations with high-quality labeled cigars.

Their clients include American Express, Budget Rent-A-Car, and Colonial Investments. Victory Cigars are used by sales people to close deals with clients. Victory Cigars are on the golf course for charity functions. They are in the meeting room where decisions are made and at the company anniversary where accomplishments are celebrated. This product-focused company is expanding the cigar market. By focusing on quality and ingenuity, owners Harold Nathan and Ted Ackerley turned their enthusiasm for cigars into one of the industry's leading private labeling companies.

The fact that these guys can turn orders around faster than your favority diner may conjure images of two guys in a constant sprint. In reality, although making Victory Cigars a success has been hard work, their often high-profile clientele lends some glamour to the job.

Says Ted, "We did a number of cigars for a series of Academy Award parties last year. We've already begun to receive return invitations for the upcoming awards."

The fame of certain customers may arm the guys with stories, but when talking about the product quality and cigar accessibility in what can sometimes be an exclusive market, their true goals become clear. As cigar lovers, Harold and Ted want to further expand the industry and make products available to everyone. As close friends, they know that success ultimately stems from positive relationships in every context. Their ideas have helped Victory Cigars flourish.

In 1997, Victory Cigar landed a major deal when the Seattle Mariners hired them to produce commemorative cigars for the Mariners 1997 American League West Championship. Their client list is constantly expanding to include sluggers in the business world, financial industry and beyond.

Ackerley attributes the success of Victory Cigar to a vital partnership with a Dominican production plant.

"All of our orders are processed in the Dominican Republic to assure quality and freshness. We represent them stateside in the area of custom label cigars. Other companies do what we do -- that's no secret. The difference is that while our competitors pitch the novelty of custom label, we've developed a high-quality product."

Quality is the guiding maxim, and the cigar industry's rich history is reflected in Victory Cigar products. The cigars are hand-made in the Dominican Republic. Each label is eye-catching and ornate, and Victory Cigars arrive to customers in authentic Spanish cedar boxes. Nathan, a cigar enthusiast of 25 years, took much care in selecting the proper product.

"This is our blend. This cigar is specifically made for Victory Cigar." Nathan says, "I picked it because it appeals to people who have been smoking for a long time such as myself and to people not as familiar with cigars. What's most important is that the cigar be flavorful, high-quality and appeal to all of our customers."

Victory Cigar will debut a limited edition commemorative year 2000 cigar on May 1st, 1999. This will be a short-term production cigar to celebrate the millennium.

7222 156th St SW - Edmonds, Washington 98026
1-800-434-3994 (Toll free in the U.S.) or 425-742-9999 (outside the U.S.)

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